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Does your switchboard look outdated? Does it consist of old ceramic fuses instead of safety switches? It may be time to replace or upgrade your switchboard to ensure your home is safe and able to carry the number of appliances and technology that is typical of modern households. At J3t Electrical, safety comes first, and we can guarantee that you will be provided with a modern switchboard that ticks yes to all the current electrical regulation requirements.

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Upgrade your safety switches today!

At J3t Electrical, we pride ourselves in ensuring your switchboard is up to date by installing safety switches to prevent any serious harm or damage such as electric shock or fire.

Safety switches are mandatory on all new electrical circuits. Safety switches can kill the power in as little as 0.03 seconds upon detecting a fault — which can be absolutely crucial to you, your family and your home. Safety switches will also protect you from hidden faulty appliances and wiring.

Outdated switchboards

  • Outdated switchboards contain ceramic fuses to protect individual electrical circuits which will not trip if there is an electrical fault or overload in your home. In theory, you could actually have an electrical fault or overloaded circuit within your property without even knowing about it.
  • Electrical faults/overloaded circuits are a major hazard with older units and could put you or one of your family members at risk of electrocution — not to mention pose a fire risk to your property.
  • Outdated switchboards may not be able to handle your property’s electrical load if you’re constantly running multiple appliances. Overworking the unit could potentially lead to faults.

J3t upgraded switchboards

  • An upgraded switchboard has automatic safety switches which detect both faults and overloads and cut out power instantly upon detection. This completely prevents any chances of electrical or fire hazards from occurring. This will also protect your appliances and, in some cases, can actually help you reduce energy usage.
  • Our switchboards are a smart investment and will futureproof your property against any potential renovations you undergo down the track.
  • All electrical work and hardware is guaranteed to be licensed, insured and above board — meeting all current regulations and standards and being carried out with the finest craftsmanship.

Main fuse box/ consumer mains

Often is the case that over time your main fuse box will begin to deteriorate at the point of attachment for your property. This can cause frustrating power outages and even result in your power distribution company disconnecting your power should they deem it defective. All you need to do is call us at J3t Electrical and we will do our absolute best to get your power back on as soon as possible!

As well as completing the work to the most recent industry regulations we will also work with your electrical retailer, and the power distributor in your particular area, and submit all the required paperwork on your behalf.

Switchboard upgrades you can trust!

At J3t Electrical, we specialise in upgrading fuse boxes, consumer mains & meter panels which will provide you with a consistent, reliable power source and reduce any downtime for your business or home.

Give us a call today on 0401 704 374 and we will provide you with details on what’s best suited for your house or business.

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